Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Brief History of Amazing Philippine Theatre

Amazing Philippine Theatre was founded in August of 2001. Envisioned by the founders to become the biggest transvestite theatre in Asia, it is nestled at the Manila Film Center, one of the structures to be found within the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex.

Amazing Philippine Theatre’s beginnings can be traced at the Aloha Hotel along Roxas, Boulevard with the hiring and contracting of services of both amateur and professionals from the Philippines’ entertainment sector. Upon the creation of a “core” staff and the planning that ensued, auditions were held at the GSP (Girl Scouts of the Philippines) Theatre in Padre Faura, Manila. The auditions yielded more than a hundred talents from around the country with around 80 making it to the first set of the talents’ pool.

Almost simultaneously, musical scoring, choreography, production design, costume design and overall show preparations were on the way. A month later, the rehabilitation of the Manila Film Center started, employing a host of engineering services. Three months later, the venue and the production were ready for the public.

In the pursuit of excellence, the Amazing Philippine Theatre family has committed themselves to an endearing ordeal towards the aim of giving the public a world-class show.

Development in terms of the production value has remained aggressive over the last two and a half years. With a three-month tedious rehearsal period from September to December 2001, Amazing Philippine Theatre’s Amazing Show had its maiden presentation December 10, 2001in Manila.

Two years later after the acquisition and development of a three-hulled catamaran, Amazing Show opened September 23, 2003 in Cebu.

Since then, so many improvements and changes have been done to make sure that patrons are getting their money’s worth. A year after the Cebu Theatre, APT embarked on a short-term foreign project in the beautiful island of Jeju, Korea where the show earned good reviews among the Koreans.

Then there was the Boracay Project, launched July 24, 2007 and was recently concluded July 12, 2008.

The constant desire to be the best has led to new and ever evolving sequences, set designs, choreography and other activities are but regular endeavors of the Amazing Philippine Theatre’s Family.

The rehabilitation of the Manila Film Center, the venture in Cebu and Boracay and the production of world-class shows are but the tip of the iceberg. Development in terms of the venue is continuous, with an inclusion of a world-class souvenir shop that caters to tourists, a Korean restaurant, a Mongolian restaurant and the new lobby lounge bar and cafe, more development projects are on the way… and with the strength of Amazing Philippine Theatre’s family… we will remain at your service.

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