Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Have you ever had the opportunity to visit the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex lately? Situated at the far end of the complex right beside what was formerly the Westin Philippine Plaza is the mammoth structure known as the Manila Film Center. Memories of the Center are the stories of ghostly spirits that roam the building, those souls who were victims of an accident, which occurred during the construction of the building. Fonder memories are those of the heydays of the Manila International Film Festival and Experimental Cinema of the Philippines featuring films of various orientations from different countries.

The Manila Film Center, known to most, is an abandoned structure. After the last occupant, the Department of Foreign Affairs left in 1991, the structure was left abandoned until now… and so everybody thought.

These days, passing through Leona Florentino Street inside the CCP Complex, one would notice the brightly lit Manila Film Center now home of Amazing Philippine Theatre, producer of the biggest, grandest and probably the best transvestite show in the world.

Leased by APT from the Philippine Government since October of 2001, the building has been renovated and developed (almost) back to its original grandeur. Nowadays, it is home to the Amazing Show….

This blogspot is dedicated to the men and women… and our stars who are in-between… who worked so hard to make this family survive and thrive as a premiere venue for tourism development. A place where one can sit back, relax and enjoy… a truly AMAZING SHOW!

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